Calligraphers’ Guild of Manitoba

Fostering creative expression through hand lettering and related arts

The Calligraphers’ Guild of Manitoba offers instructional workshops and classes with local and national artists.

Classes offered include: traditional and contemporary calligraphy, and book and paper art. Classes are offered from September to June.

Past workshops

2017-18 | 2016-17 | 2015-16 | 2014-15 | 2013-14 | 2013

Upcoming workshops

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Woodhaven Community Club
200 Glendale Boulevard, Winnipeg

Fee: $50 (members), $60 (non-members)
No experience is required.

AM (9:30 to 11:30)
Tangled Garden
Zentangle® Inspired Art (ZIA)

Class instructor: Carol Graham

If you hate weeding and getting your hands dirty – you’ll love this kind of garden!

Zentangle is a method of creating beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

We’ll use organic tangle patterns to make fanciful and unique gardens that can be used as embellishments or greeting cards.

Zentangle only requires a fine point pen, a soft lead pencil and a blending tool – which you’ll receive at the class – but feel free to bring your gel pens, markers, watercolour or coloured pencils to add a splash of colour to your garden!

Carol Graham is proud to be Winnipeg’s first Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), and has been teaching since 2014.

tangled garden, Carol Graham

PM (12:30 to 3:30)
Valentine inspired card-making
Class instructor: Isobel Simpson

Brighten someone’s day with a card that’s handmade by you! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’ll make several different cards with a Valentine’s theme. Simple and fun designs will be demonstrated and there will be plenty of time for your own creations.

The afternoon card-making workshop follows our morning of Zentangle, and you can apply your Zentangle skills to your cards. We will provide cardstock and basic paper supplies. Please bring any craft embellishments you’d like to use or share, such as patterned paper, buttons and ribbon. Also please bring one new or used greeting card you don’t mind letting go of … we’re going to have a Secret Valentine project!

Isobel Simpson has been a member of the Calligrapher’s Guild of Manitoba for four years. She has enjoyed art throughout her life, especially drawing and scrapbooking.

Valentine cards, Isobel Simpson


The Three Faces of Copperplate:
Formal, Friendly and Fun

Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride
Saturday, March 9, 2018

St. John’s-Ravenscourt School
400 South Drive, Winnipeg
9:30am to 4:00pm

Fee: $50 (members), $60 (non-members)
No experience is required.

Copperplate, so-named for the procedure in which it was printed, is often associated with formal lettering for formal occasions. Wedding invitations and their envelopes are prime examples.

This lettering is different from other calligraphic styles because it uses a nib that comes to a fine point. It is not until you draw downwards with pressure that the two parts of the nib splay and create a wider stroke. Despite this sounding involved, it really is not. Once the pen is dipped in the ink, you write as you once did when taught cursive writing in grade three. Our handwriting is based on Copperplate.

We will study the formal version thoroughly. We will move onto a less formal version and then end with a playful version which has been termed ‘Modern Calligraphy’.

There will be exercises throughout the day to help incorporate your preferred choice of formality or experiment with all three. A simple project at the end will be available to utilize your preferred lettering style.

Kathie McIlvride has been a calligrapher and lettering artist for over 30 years. She delights in creating and teaching workshops through which she shares her love of lettering, colour and exploration. She has taught to a variety of groups and calligraphy guilds across Canada.

Copperplate, Kathie McIlvride

Copperplate, Kathie McIlvride


Past workshops, 2018-19

Monoline, January 19, 2019
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride

monoline, Kathie McIlvride

monoline, Kathie McIlvride

Modern calligraphy, November 24, 2018
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride

modern calligraphy, Kathie McIlvride

modern calligraphy, Kathie McIlvride

Paste paper and painted Tyvek, October 20, 2018
Class instructor: Edith Banman

paste paper and painted Tyvek

Clear Carve block printmaking, September 22, 2018
Class instructor: Ann Rivera

printmaking block, Ann Rivera

printmaking, Ann Rivera


Workshops, 2017-18

Button alphabet, April 28, 2018
Class instructor: Violet Smythe

Adventures in watercolour, a techniques class
April 29, 2018
Class instructor: Violet Smythe

Adventures in watercolour, Violet Smythe

Paper marbling, March 24, 2018
Class instructor: Janet Carroll

class participant, Paper Marbling with Janet Carroll

class participant, Paper Marbling with Janet Carroll

A handmade journal for the changeable mind!
January 27, 2018
Class instructor: Lauren Campbell
Handmade book with removable pages, Lauren Campbell

Breaking the Rules, October 21, 2017
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride

Mark and letter making with a ruling pen.
Kathie McIlvride, ruling pen and sumi ink

Beginner’s Uncial, September 16, 2017
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride

Fun variations on this traditional script.
Kathie McIlvride, Uncial


Workshops, 2016-17

Landscaping the Page, April 28 and April 29, 2017
Class instructor: Laura Eriksson
Laura Eriksson, The Sea

Fraktur (a form of Gothic lettering), February 25, 2017
Class instructor: Theresa de Guzman
Theresa de Guzman, Fraktur

Crossed Structure Book Binding, November 5, 2016
Class instructor: Lauren Campbell
Lauren Campbell, crossed structure book binding

Roman Capitals, October 15, 2016
Class instructor: Ike Derksen
Ike Derksen, Roman Capitals

Paste Paper and Painted Tyvek, September 17, 2016
Class instructor: Edith Banman
Edith Banman, painted Tyvek


Workshops, 2015-16

Calligraphy on the GO! and Developing a Personal Script,
May 7 and May 8, 2016
Class instructor: Sharon Zeugin
Course details, PDF
Sharon Zeugin, Calligraphy on the GO!

Lettering on Occasion: Copperplate for Beginners, Saturday, March 19, 2016
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride
Kathie McIlvride, Copperplate lettering

Sign Painting, February 13, 2016
Class instructor: Ike Derksen
Sign painting class participants at work.

Pens, Paint and Paper, January 16, 2016
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride
Pens, Paint and Paper

Beginner’s Gothic, November 14, 2015
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride
Kathie McIlvride, Gothic

Beginner’s Uncial, October 17, 2015
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride
Kathie McIlvride, Uncial


Workshops, 2014-15

Beginner’s pointed brush, May 16, 2015
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride
Kathie McIlvride, Jump Sing Laugh Dance

Bookbinding, March 14, 2015
Class instructor: Janet Carroll
Janet Carroll, handmade books

Decorating book covers with Tyvek, January 17, 2015
Class instructors: Edith Banman and Charlotte Konrad
Edith Banman, Tyvek book cover

Beginner’s Italic, November 8, 2014
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride
Kathie McIlvride, Thank you.

Strong Lines, Working with the Pilot Parallel Pen, October 4–5, 2014
Class instructor: Alice Young
Alice Young, strong lines


Workshops, 2013-14

Fun with capitals, April 12, 2014
Class instructors: Charlotte Konrad and Kathie McIlvride
Charlotte Konrad, variation of Roman capitals.

Paper marbling, March 8, 2014
Class instructor: Janet Carroll
Marbled paper. A CGM workshop.

Neuland, February 15, 2014
Class instructor: Ike Derksen
Ike Derksen, Neuland.

Foundational script, January 11, 2014
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride<
Kathie McIlvride, foundational script.

Painted letters and words, November 9–10, 2013
Class instructor: Lorraine Douglas

Workshop participants, starting with basic monoline letters, created unique watercolour painted letters, words and quotes.

Lorraine Douglas, Shanti.

Creating a handmade journal, October 19, 2013

Class participants, following the instruction of book artist Charlotte Konrad, created two unique journals using two types of binding, and an abundance of beautiful paper and decorative bits.

Charlotte Konrad, handmade journal.


Workshops, 2013

Monoline, May 20, 2013

Twelve dynamic letter art layouts were presented by Kathie McIlvride at her monoline workshop. Using these layouts as a starting point, participants filled their hand-crafted journals with lettering.

Kathie McIlvride, monoline lettering.

Uncials, April 6, 2013

After completing a beautifully prepared workbook, participants created perforated monograms at calligrapher Kathie McIlvride‘s full day Uncial workshop.

Kathie McIlvride, Uncial monogram.

Italics, March 2, 2013
Class instructor: Kathie McIlvride
Kathie McIlvride, Italic.

Paste paper, February 16, 2013
Class instructor: Edith Banman
Edith Banman, paste paper

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